The Texas 2-Step Amplifier

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas 2-Step Amplifier: Tons of Tweed Tone

Texas 2-Step™ Guitar Amplifier

If you like tweed Champ tones and tweed Deluxe tones, then this amp fits the bill - it's both! It can go from basic sweet tweed tone to all out crunch. It's like having a tweed Champ and a tweed Deluxe in one combo amp, driving a 12" Eminence speaker.

Two output transformers, one for SE and one for PP

The Texas 2-Step™ guitar amplifier incorporates the classic Class A single-ended 5F1 Champ and 5F2a Princeton type circuits, and the push-pull Class AB 5E3 Deluxe and 5F10 Harvard type circuits, all in one combo amplifier. Gig, practice, and record with one amp that gets those classic tweed tones that define rock and blues music. Some amps have a cathode/fixed bias switching circuit, but the Texas 2-Step™ has four classic amp circuits in one amp. This is accomplished using custom power and output transformers.

Tech Stuff

We use a no-load type of tone control that takes the tone stack out of the circuit when the control is fully rotated past the detent. This feature will get you a hotter, brighter sound.

Some of those classic tube amps used a Presence control that varied the amount of Negative Feed Back to add in some high-end sparkle. NFB reduces distortion at a slight cost of output level. While the 5F1 Champ used this feedback feature, the 5E3 Deluxe did not. The Texas 2-Step amplifier uses variable NFB in the Voicing control, which also has a fully-rotated detent to completely remove the NFB. The choice is yours - No NFB, or vary the amount to suit your tastes.

In keeping with the tweed Deluxe, it has normal and bright inputs, with separate (interactive) volume controls. With two volume controls, a full-range tone control that can be switched off, a variable negative feedback loop that can be switched off, and two modes of operation - Single Ended Class A or Push-Push-Pull Class AB, there's a tremendous variability in the tones this amp can produce... Just don't expect black-faced Fender cleans; those kind of cleans are not why we love tweed style amps!

The Texas 2-Step™ electronic components are mounted on a tough turret board, and hand wired with 600 volt 105C rated wire. The lacquered cotton braid is bonded to the PVC insulation, and the wire stays clean looking without the frayed ends normally associated with push-back type of cloth covered wire. You get the vintage wiring look with a modern high temperature wire. Teflon coated MIL-Spec wire is also used.

The cabinet is made of finger jointed pine, and the speaker baffle is 13-ply birch. The standard covering is tweed cloth. The amp also has metal corners all the way around, a feature not found on many combo amps. The grille cloth is vintage type oxblood.

The Texas 2-Step™ Champ-style circuit has that natural compression, rich 2nd order harmonics, and buttery overdrive that you expect in a Single Ended tube amp. Flip a switch and you get the crisp, articulate attack, higher headroom, and crunchy overdrive of the 5E3 Deluxe Push-Pull type of circuit.

The Texas 2-Step all tube guitar amplifier, in 12W Deluxe mode, with and without negative feedback; in 6W Champ mode, with and without NFB. Clean, dirty, chimey, you've got it.

The Texas 2-Step™ all tube guitar amplifier. $1,795.00. Special Order Only. To purchase the Texas 2-Step, please send me an inquiry.

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