Texas Tone® Studio Series

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Cranked Tone at Lower Volumes!

Texas Tone® Studio Series amps are designed to be cranked for maximum touch sensitive dynamic tube tone and not be too loud for your studio, coffee house, church, or small venue. The noise floor on these amps is such that hiss and hum are not an issue, even with the amp cranked wide open.

The Texas Tone® Studio Series amps were inspired by a virtuoso Telecaster player who had a tweed Bassman clone that, at around 40 Watts, was too loud for the clubs he was playing in. When he cranked it to get to the sweet spot, it was way too loud, and when he turned it to a reasonable volume, it didn't have the right sound. His solution was to run a boost pedal to get good tone. First, I let him test the Armadillo Tone tube boost pedal that he used for a while, and was quite happy with it. I quietly went to work on a new amp with him in mind. It was a scaled-down Bassman influenced circuit that, along with two 10" speakers instead of the 4 x 10" amp he was using, allowed it to be played wide open without being too loud. It was the perfect solution. Nathan Allen of Seryn gave it the first test drive and loved it. It was the amp I wanted all those years ago when I gigged with a Fender Pro Reverb. Unfortunately, my friend passed away before I could show him the amp. It ended up being sold to a local blues guitarist, and made its way into my catalog as the JRS Special.

Studio Series Amplifiers

Texas Tone® Studio Reverb

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