Texas Tone™ Featured Artists

Texas Tone™ custom tube guitar amplifiers are designed and built by musicians, for musicians who appreciate great tone. When you sound better, you play better. After all, Your Tone Matters!

Bryce Wayt

Bryce Wayt is a proud member of the Texas Tone™ family. An accomplished guitarist in commmand of several styles, he's an enthusiatic endorser of Texas Tone tube amplifiers. Although he hails from California, he now makes his home in Texas. Check out his Texas Tone 30 amplifier demo, and his new Bryce Wayt signature amplifier!

Curt Lancaster

Long-time Radio & TV broadcast veteran Curt Lancaster loved his Texas Tone PS-150 so much that he ordered up a custom EL34 amp, the Texas Tone "Lancaster" amp. Bottom line- he loves it! "One SUPER amp!!!!!!"

Curt Lancaster with PS-150 Lancaster amp

The Traveling Ones

Justin Ahmanson of the The Traveling Ones, an Americana band from Nashville, TN, commissoned the Ahmanson Special to help him pull his signature soulfufl slide tones with his Gibson SG at lower stage volumes. He and Emily called it Amazing tone! and Tone for days! They write and play their own material, featuring tight vocals and heartfelt music. It's a pleasure working with them, and they make great music together.

The Traveling Ones Ahmanson amp

Guitarist Justin Ahmanson playing slide on his Gibson SG through the Texas Tone™ Ahmanson Special tube amp at One-2-One bar in Austin, Texas.

Chris Keathley

Here is Chris at a recent gig in Austin, where he brought cheers from the crowd many times with his expressive guitar playing. Chris uses a Texas Tone Ranger amplifier

Chris Keathley

John Barnes

John was an early adopter of Texas Tone, and called his Texas Tone 12 the best amp choice he ever made. On a DaveTV appearance with John, our buddy Paul LeMond played his Danelectro baritone through it. His comment? "Great amp! It really made that baritone guitar sing!" Thanks, Paul and John

Texas Tone 12 on DaveTV

Wade Hill

Wade Hill playing a Texas Tone Ranger at a recent show at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, commenting that it "Sounds awesome" and "sounds like a million bucks dude" Don't worry, it costs far less than that!


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