Texas Tone® Amplifier Warranty


Texas Tone® tube guitar amplifiers are warranted against defects in workmanship to the original purchaser.


Due to manufacturers warranty expiration, tubes and reverb tanks are warranted for 90 days.

Problems that are the result of misuse, abuse, tampering, unauthorized disassembly, or circuit modification, will void the warranty. Improper tube installation (incorrect orientation of tubes can damage the amp), improper speaker usage, or damage due to spilled beverages will not be covered under warranty, nor will other issue that we deem to be user error. We will still work with the customer to repair the amp.

Parts, Excluding Tubes, Reverb Tanks, and Speakers

Resistors, controls (potentiometers), resistors, capacitors, jacks, wires, cables, and circuit boards, are warranted for one year from the date of the original purchase by the original owner.


With certain restrictions, all tubes shipped in new Texas Tone® amplifiers are warranty for thirty (30) calendar days from the date of delivery of the amp to the original purchaser. Any tube determined have failed within the warranty period will be replaced or reimbursed at the current price of original tube. Blumentritt amplification will not reimburse for anything other than an exact equivalent of the tube that failed, at the actual cost of the tube. Any customer wishing to change their tubes to another style, brand, model, etc. does so at their own intitiative

Tubes are fragile components subject to heat, vibration, stress, and abuse. Bending pins on preamp tubes and leaning them over too far can cause the glass to crack; a tube is cracked the silver getter flash in the top of the tube will turn white within a few minutes to a couple of hours causing the tube to fail. All octal power tubes should be gripped by the base when removing and installing them! Pushing and pulling on the glass can cause small cracks in the glass which can cause the tube to lose vacuum.

Vacuum tubes that are broken, or have bent or broken pins, are not covered under warranty.

When replacing tubes, you must always clean the tube sockets, and if you're replacing power tubes that do not fit tightly in the sockets then re-tensioning is necessary. . We use a dental pick for doing this, but you can use ice pick or a very small screwdriver to squeeze each of the pin holders in each socket together, so the tube fits snugly. Failure to do these things can cause tube failure and will void your warranty!

It's easy to clean the tube sockets; this can be done by spraying the pins on every new tube with some electrical contact cleaner (you can get this at some music and hardware stores), and then work each tube in and out of each socket a few times to remove dirt and corrosion. If no contact cleaner is available, then at the VERY least work each tube in and out of the socket multiple times! Texas Tone® Amps uses DeoxIT D5.

All preamp and power tubes used in Texas Tone® Amplifiers are screened for noise. Every tube is tested and inspected by hand before being installed in our amplifiers.

  • Preamp tubes are stringently tested for noise and microphonics using Amplitrex testers driving an external amp.
  • After a 24 hour burn in all power tubes are tested for noise and matched at multiple operating points for plate current (± one milliamp) and transconductance, under realistic operating parameters, e.g. 450VDC plates.
  • Rectifier tubes are tested in a custom rectifier tube test fixture. This unit allows us to select multiple reservoir cap values and it features a standby switch between the reservoir cap and rectifier tube. This standby switch configuration is the absolute hardest on rectifier tubes and commonly used in guitar amps. Replicating this allows us to apply the the full inrush current from the reservoir cap with the rectifier tubes highest rated values.
  • Any tube marked for a matched set, balanced, high gain, are indicted on the box and/or the tube itself.


    Texas Tone® combo amps and speaker cabinets utilize speakers by Jensen®, Eminence®, or Celestion®. Speakers are warranted by the speaker manufacturers. Eminence® warranties their speakers for 7 years. Speakers with physical damage are not covered under warranty.

    Warranty Diagnostics and Repairs

    Texas Tone® amplifiers contain no user servicable internal parts. Tube amps contain dangerous and possibly lethal voltages, even when they are powered off! We prefer to daignose and repair amplifier issues in house.

    All diagnostic and repair operations must be carried out by Blumentritt Amplification or by one of our authorized warranty repair shops. To obtain warranty service, the amplifier must be shipped to Blumentritt Amplification or by one of our authorized warranty repair shops, in the original packing materials with freight paid by the purchaser. We pay the return shipping after warranty work is complete. We do not do this without prior authorization, and we reserve the right to choose a technician as there are some who take advantage (if a tech cannot trace the circuit with their eyeballs in 30 seconds, they shouldn’t be working on it). Work that is performed that is unrelated to warranty issues is not compensated. Non-warranty repairs performed by Blumentritt Amplification will be billed at the rate of $65.00 per hour, in 15-minute increments.

    Helpful hints to validate issues

    1. Plug your instrument straight into the input of your amp. If the problems continue,
    2. Try multiple instrument cables between your instrument and the amp.
    3. Try a different instrument, or plug your instrument into a different listening source / amp to ensure the instrument itself isn't having issues.
    4. If you are using a speaker cabinet, try a different speaker cable between the amp and the cabinet. If you have access to multiple speaker cabinets, try plugging your amp into a different speaker cabinet.
    5. Try plugged the amp into a different electrical outlet, on a differenct circuit in a different room.
    6. Ensure that no light dimmers or flourescent lamps are being used in the room.
    7. If your reverb is noisy, test it in a different location in your house, and if the problem persists, a different location all together. Try to move it away from equipment around it. Reverb pans are notoriously noisy.


    Both new standard stock production amplifiers and custom-built amplifiers are covered under the warranty terms above. Returns are generally not accepted, as Blumentritt Amplification prefers negotiation and reconfiguration and sound tailoring to return of a custom build. Under mutually agreed up circumstances, custom-built amplifiers may be returned within 60 days of receipt in accordance with the following:

    1. The amplifier must be undamaged and in like-new condition.
    2. The amplifier must be shipped to Blumentritt Amplification in the original packing materials with freight paid by the purchaser.
    3. A restock fee equal to the intial order deposit amount will be assessed.
    4. Upon acceptance of items 1-3 above, a refund will be initiated.

    Please contact us directly at if you are in need of warranty service or repair, or have questions about the same.

    Effectiive date: 1 August 2022.

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