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From the first Texas Tone® amp sold in 2016 to today, Jensen® speakers have been a staple of Texas Tone® tube guitar amplifiers, built by hand in Austin, Texas. Desinger/builder Bruce Blumentritt spent years gigging with famous brand amps, but never finding that dynamic, touch-sensitive tube amp tone he desired- until he built his own amp, the first Texas Tone 12.

Famous for it's pulsating tremolo that's been dubbed the Hypnotic Slam Effect, the Texas Tone® 12 Combo has those crisp cleans and crunchy punch & pop that only a good tube amp can provide. The success of this signature amp becacme the basis for a whole line of Texas Tone® amps. A key component of the sound of the Texas Tone 12 is the Jensen® C12Q 12" speaker, provides that well rounded, straightforward tone with plenty of mid bite and bright highs that we all desire in a small combo amp.

Building from that basis, the Texas Tone® Traveler is a unique portable amp. Punching 34 Watts into a 34 pound combo amp, the Traveler offers two distinct channels, one vintage low gain channel for that warm, dynamic, touch-senstive tone, and one high-gain channel that can go from clean to dirty at any volume low to high. Either way, it's an incredible pedal platform just as well as a stand alone amp. An added touch is that both channels can be played simultaneously - we had one user plug his piano into one side and his organ into the other!. The lightweight and powerful Jensen® MOD 12-70 12" speaker pushes the dynamic, well-defined sound just the way you like it.

The Jensen® Jet Tornado Stealth 65 drives the Curt Lancaster special. Built as a Marshall Super Lead in a 22 Watt 12" combo amp, we required a speaker that had warm lows, subtle mids, and well rounded highs that responds well to overdrive and distorion. Curt loves it! It's a loud beast when needed, but can get those blackface tones from the low gain input. We think you'll love it, too.

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